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Instantly improve your singing, with modern concepts for your voice in any level and any style!

What you'll learn
SING BETTER: Take your voice to the next level and enchant yourself and the people around you.
Understand how your voice works anatomically in your body
Learn to control your voice in any situation
The tools to be a great singer
Follow the exercises in the course to feel the best results
Use accents to make your singing sound special
Tips&Tricks from Stefanie from 32 years of singing experience
YOU are the instrument. So there are no prerequisites
This LEARN TO SING course will show you how to enchant yourself and others with your voice. Whether you are just starting out or already have experience. YOU are the instrument. This course will show you step by step how to sing better. You will get all the theory and practice you need to become a really great singer!Master your singing technique and sing your favorite songs!There are many singing courses that teach you a specific style or focus on specific details. It's not easy to find a comprehensive course, like this one, that is perfect for beginner to advanced singers.This course is for singers of any level who want to take their singing to the next level. With this, you can schedule your own practice time to practice and learn at your own pace.What you will learn:Understand how your voice works anatomically in your body.Learn to control your voice in any situationThe tools to be a great singerFollow the exercises in the course to feel the best resultsUse accents to make your singing sound specialTips&Tricks from Stefanie from 32 years of singing experienceThe course includes: 2 video lessons per day, 7 days a week, for 6 weeks. Over 5 HOURS of singing lessons in high definition! 7 files (+handout to all functional exercises) that you can download to practice lessons anywhere!Helpful tips & tricks from 32 years of singing experience.Access to the SINGEN LERNEN community. Exchange with all course membersHandout for all exercises in the course It's my bonus gift to you!Who is your instructor?Stefanie Wüst has been a passionate singer for 32 years and has helped many people express their voice. She doesn't limit herself to professional singers, but has also helped borrowers of all ages.Here are a few of her key facts:Studied voice at the Musikhochschule in Cologne with Claudio Nicolai Master classes.In 1989 she founded the KURZWEIL-Ensemble, which, in a wide variety of formations, focused primarily on the works of Kurt Weill and Hanns Eisler1993 saw the release of her first CD (Kurt-Weill - a musical portrait) and she was the first in Europe to perform Weill's long-hidden early cycle "Ofrah's Lieder".Guest engagements led her several times to the Anhaltisches Theater Dessau in the context of the Kurt Weill Festivals and to the Opera House BonnIn 2015 she could be heard at the Kölner Philharmonie and from the season 2015/16 permanently at the Bonn Opera HouseHighlights as a concert singer include her collaboration with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie (live broadcast on Radio Bremen in 2000) or her performance of songs by Eisler and E. Nick in the fall of 2004 at the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.Our satisfaction guarantee...We have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. So if you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll refund your tuition - no questions asked!We can't wait to see you in class!Enroll now and Stefanie will help you sing better than ever!Best regardsStefanie & Marius
Section 1: Einführung
Lecture 1 Vorstellung
Lecture 2 The Rode - Gesang Demo
Lecture 3 Who is this Marius?
Section 2: Posture - body as an instrument
Lecture 4 Body as an instrument / voice sensation
Lecture 5 Support / Back / Diaphragm
Lecture 6 Horse and rider
Section 3: Causal voice / Indifference position
Lecture 7 What is chewing voice ?
Lecture 8 What is indifference position ?
Lecture 9 Übungen zur Indifferenzlage
Section 4: Stretching exercises
Lecture 10 Stretching exercises & spine
Lecture 11 Loosening exercises
Lecture 12 Singing posture
Section 5: Warm up Routine - Stimmspielbögen
Lecture 13 Warm up explanation
Lecture 14 Half arc downward/upward
Lecture 15 Whole sheet low set/high set
Lecture 16 3/4 Arc down / up
Lecture 17 slow wave low/high inserted
Lecture 18 slow big wave low/high
Lecture 19 Schnelle Welle tief/hoch
Lecture 20 slow small wave low (7)
Lecture 21 slow small wave high (8)
Lecture 22 slow big wave low (9)
Lecture 23 slow big wave high (10)
Lecture 24 fast wave low (11)
Lecture 25 fast wave high (12)
Lecture 26 fast whole boy low (13)
Lecture 27 fast whole bow high (14)
Lecture 28 slow wave getting bigger (15)
Lecture 29 slow wave getting smaller (16)
Lecture 30 slow wave rising (17)
Lecture 31 Slow wave descending (18)
Section 6: Breathing exercises
Lecture 32 Reflex breath - inhalation position pleased inhalation
Lecture 33 Nasensogatmung /Öffnen der Kopfresonanz / gut für die Stimmbänder
Lecture 34 Breathing exercise on ?ß-ß on ?ß-ß (triplet)
Lecture 35 Breathing with rhythm
Lecture 36 Breath extension /concentration/ Inhalare la Vocke
Section 7: Functional exercises
Lecture 37 What are Functional exercises?
Lecture 38 Explanation of glottic attachment and aspirated attachment (difference Classic /
Lecture 39 Resonance monomono... (2)
Lecture 40 Resonance chest voice : minne minne..... (3a)
Lecture 41 Resonance head voice Gingegange... (3b)
Lecture 42 Front seat (4)
Lecture 43 Diaphragm / metal (5)
Lecture 44 Swell tone on a tone louder and softer (6)
Lecture 45 Explanation: Front seat Staccato pprrüm ..... (7)
Lecture 46 Exercise: Front seat Staccato pprrüm ..... (7)
Lecture 47 Aggility of the throat
Lecture 48 Thrill movement
Lecture 49 Lip ring muscles (8)
Lecture 50 Vowel equalisation (9)
Section 8: Articulation / Tongue / Mouth
Lecture 51 Explanation: tounge
Lecture 52 Articulation tongue / lips theor. explanation
Lecture 53 How to learn the tongue -R ?
Lecture 54 Speaking Exercise RuKuDuKu & Datatata
Lecture 55 Exercises for tongue . In front of mirror left -right, flat, pointed, circling
Section 9: Singing exercises
Lecture 56 Introduction to singing exercises
Lecture 57 123-21 (17)
Lecture 58 12171 (18)
Lecture 59 12121 (19)
Lecture 60 12345-4321 (19a)
Lecture 61 1-3-5-3-1 major (20)
Lecture 62 1-3-5-3-1 staccato major (21)
Lecture 63 1-3-5-3-1 minor (22)
Lecture 64 1-3-5-3-1 staccato minor (23)
Lecture 65 1354321 (24)
Lecture 66 1-3-3-5-5-3-3-1-1 (25)
Lecture 67 132435421 (26)
Section 10: The e-control
Lecture 68 About singing on the vowel E control the voice fit
Section 11: LAX-VOX method
Lecture 69 With the hose and bottle show how to prepare the voice well
Section 12: Front seat / Voice seat
Lecture 70 Theor. introduction voice seat
Lecture 71 Copy different. Voice seats
Section 13: Chest voice
Lecture 72 Develop chest voice . appogiare al petto with aaaaaaa
Section 14: Voice hygiene : Milk..Chocolate, Sage leaf, Cold air....
Lecture 73 you-you....mmmmmhhh...
Section 15: Learning a song
Lecture 74 Read text
Lecture 75 Read text in rhythm
Lecture 76 Sing text rhythmically on one note
Lecture 77 Singing melody on a vowel
Lecture 78 Whole song in original
Section 16: Genre
Lecture 79 What does genre ? Which ones are there ?
Lecture 80 Classic
Lecture 81 Chason
Lecture 82 Jazz
Section 17: Song example
Lecture 83 Sing a easy song: blowin in the wind
Lecture 84 Sing a easy song: Machi Messer Song
Section 18: Other (advanced) Exercises
Lecture 85 Excercise 27
Lecture 86 Excercise 28
Lecture 87 Excercise 29
Lecture 88 Excercise 30
Lecture 89 Excercise 31
Lecture 90 Excercise 32
Lecture 91 Excercise 33
Lecture 92 Excercise 34
Lecture 93 Excercise 35
Lecture 94 Excercise 36
Lecture 95 Exercise 37
Lecture 96 Exercise 38
Lecture 97 Exercise 39
Lecture 98 Exercise 40
Section 19: Especially for female voices
Lecture 99 Especially for head voice
Section 20: Especially for men
Lecture 100 Chest voice men 2/3 Chest voice...
People of any level who want to take their voice to the next level.

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